residential pool

Clean Light UV technology improves the air and water quality of your pool.  No more red-eyes, dry skin and damaged hair.  And best of all, you will reduce your chemical usage. Learn more.

commercial pool

We offer a complete line of products for all sizes of commercial and semi-commercial pool and spas. Determine the best unit for your facility. Learn more.

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Ponds & Water Features

Engineered and designed specifically for the treatment of ponds, fountains and water features.  Drastically reduces chemical usage making it an eco-friendly, economical solution to keep water clean and clear.  Learn more.


Northeast Pool & Spa Show  – Atlantic City, NJ.  Jan 26-28, 2016  Booth #1748
Southwest Pool & Spa Show – San Antonio, TX Jan 22-23, 2016, Booth #102 -seminar at show. click here for details
AOAP Conference – San Diego, CA.  March 8-9, 2016, Booth #228

Western Pool & Spa Show – Long Beach, CA. March 10-12, 2016, Booth #117

Baystate Pool Supplies –  Baltimore, MD. March 23, 2016 – 9am-noon – Half-Day Technical Training



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Safer for you. Better for the environment.

Delta UV strongly believes in conserving the environment and values your health safety. Our UV technology is easy to use, innovative, fast, environment friendly and a highly efficient light disinfecting method for water treatment. Our ultimate obligation is to provide quality and reliability while meeting the strictest requirements and delivering the best possible results, all while preserving nature.

Ask Us:

  • Why it pays for itself in 9 to 36 months?
  • How it is simple and quick to install?
  • How it is simple to maintain?
  • Why it reduces corrosion?