Drinking Water

BIO-SUN Drinking Water

BIO-SUN, the first easy-to-use solar-powered water purifier.

Access to drinking water, everywhere and for everyone throughout the world, is now a reality thanks to BIO-SUN, the easy-to-use solar-powered water purifier. This highly portable unit revolutionizes how unsafe water in isolated regions around the world can immediately become healthy drinking water, leveraging a combination of state-of-the-art UV disinfection technology and solar energy.
Designed by BIO-UV, the leading European manufacturer of ultraviolet systems for water treatment, in partnership with PHAESUN, BIO-SUN is a patented product launched in November 2010.

The BIO-SUN will provide healthy drinking water to populations who do not have it, using only solar energy.

Contributing to economic development by providing a viable environmental solution, BIO-SUN gives rural populations in developing countries access to pure, healthy water and also provides drinking water to isolated areas everywhere in the world.

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