EP Unit Series

Engineered and designed specifically for the sanitation of ponds, fountains and water features.

The EP Series UV unit automatically sanitizes the water around the clock for pennies a day.  Simply incorporate the UV unit into the equipment system and power with a standard 120V plug-in power connection.  For those accustomed to using chlorine or bromine, the drastic reduction in chemical usage will be obvious in the first month.  With a 16,000 hour (2 year) UV lamp life, routine maintenance is reduced to a 15-minute bulb change every 2 years.


  • Drastically reduces chemical usage –economical & eco-friendly
  • Kills DNA of waterborne green algae – keeps water clear
  • No risk of over-dosing– protects aquatic life
  • Eliminates Chloramines—no nasty chlorine smell
  • Does not produce harmful by-products – no DBP, THM or HAA
  • Prolongs life of pond & fountain equipment—no corrosion or staining
  • Compatible with all types of coatings and filters
  • Easily automated with existing chlorinator
  • Easy, reliable, environmentally friendly water maintenance


To determine the size for your pond, fountain or water features, simply determine the outflow rate of the circulation pump and the turnover rate of the water.  The sizing chart below shows the maximum gallons per minutes (GPM) for each EP Series UV model.


Brochure / Manual