D and DS Series

NEW BlueLine UV Series

Introducing the new ProLine from DeltaUV!

Designed Specifically for Professional DELTA UV DEALERS Ask your DISTRIBUTORS.

Many of you have spoken that you prefer hardwiring directly to the Pool’s Controls so that when the pump goes on, the UV unit will also go on. A great value to the builders.

  • No need for the pressure switch,
  • Get rid of the pressure gauge,
  • Everything else is the same great quality UV-C light and UV Light Chamber,
  • Except the price is less than the plug and play model!!
  • A Pro D Advantage
  • Easy to Install
  • Less hassle
  • Fewer parts to repair


Brochure / New Manual


DeltaUV has launched a new ‘Quick Lock’ mechanism for its UV units.  The new and improved design allows the UV unit to be opened with a simple turn of the top –without removing multiple screws.   The new design allows pool professionals to quickly open UV units to inspect and clean the UV bulb.   Perfect for pool opening season.  Pool professionals looking to ‘up-sell’ to their clients who want to upgrade pool water sanitation and improve the swimming experience for users should offer Delta UV’s Clean Light Technology