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Selecting the proper Delta uV series and model for your application is VERY SIMPLE.

The effectiveness of the UV unit to do its sanitizing job is directly related to proper water flow through the UV system’s wet chamber. If water flows in and out of the wet chamber too quickly, the water and its contaminates will not be exposed to the UV-C rays emitted by the UV lamp inside the unit’s wet chamber for a sufficient amount of time to achieve proper bacteria eradication. Thus matching the flow rate of the circulation pump to the proper size Delta UV system is most important to achieve proper killing power from the UV system.

The UV System size depends on the UV Seies you are interested in followed by the Series Model Selection Chart. The following UV Series Comparison Charts shows the different applicaitons that are correct for each Series of each system:


Once the applicable Series is determined, the next steps is to select the proper system by proceeding to the Series Selection Chart.

The piping size, length of piping from the water vessel to the equipment all contribute to diffferent flow rates for any given pump. However you can use this chart to determine which Delta UV model is right for your application. Even thoug the pairings of different pumps to different Delta UV units shown below is proper , due to the relative small cost difference between a smaller UV and the next larger size unit, you may wish to consider moving up in size to ensure the absolute maximum performance from the Delta UV system for your application.

The other fact that you will need to determine is the horsepower (HP) of the circulation pump. It is usually found on the motor nameplate.

For EA, ELP and EM Series sizing, contact Delta UV customer service at 1-866-889-8765 or email at info@deltauv.com for further asistance.

Swimmers and other external sources brng numerous micro-organisms in pool water. So it is necessary to make water disinfectant between two treatments through the UV chamber. In order to do that, a small quantity of disinfectant is injected on a daily basis to prevent algae appearances and calcium deposits.

Some of the common residuals used are as follow:

The combination of UVC and oxygen-remnant allows water to be sanitized for the longest time and thus results in greatest comfort for the swimmers. Oxygene-Remnant in particular is used for interior pools, seldom used at home and pool equipped with diatom filters.

An alternative solution is injecting water with daily doses of halogen likes chlorine and bromine. Due to high reactivity of halogens, they are used as disinfectant for drinking water, swimming pools and spas. They kill bacteria and other harmfull micro-organisms through sterilization. This process eliminates and kills forms of fungi, bacteria, viuses, present a surface.

Certain countries around the world recognize Hydrogen Peroxide as an oxydizer. It can enhance bacterial growth in order to treat pollutions that can be easily oxydized or the ones that are not able to be oxydized. Once injected into the flowing water, they add oxygen to remove chlorine residues and oxydize sulphides, sulphites, metal that can be easily oxydized later.