FAQs: Swimming Pool

Does the Delta UV System Eliminate The Chlorine Smell Found In Many Pools?

  • Yes. You will find the environment of pool water to be superior to any previous water condition within 1-3 days after installing a Delta UV system. The UV rays not only sanitize the water, but dramatically reduce or eliminate the Chloramines normally present in pool water when chlorine combines with nitrogen-ammonia compounds to form Chloramines, and produce the chlorine smell that is so obnoxious and unhealthy.


Will Chlorine or Bromine Use Be Reduced When A Delta UV System Is Installed?

  • Yes, studies and users report a dramatic reduction in chlorine or bromine use when a UV sanitizing unit is installed on a swimming pool. Savings of 70% – 85% in chlorine consumption are commonplace and should be expected. The addition of a Delta UV System provides a pool water environment as close to “chemical free” as possible.


If A Swimming Pool Is Serviced Regularly By A Pool Service Firm, Why Is There A Need For A Delta UV System?

  • Service firms love the Delta UV systems because they provide water quality that cannot be matched by anyone using large doses of chlorine to sanitize a swimming pool. Common sense would tell a person that if a pool is serviced once or twice a week, more chlorine than is needed must be added at the time of service so there is a sufficient chlorine residual prior to the next chlorine dosage. With the Delta UV System, with the reduced dependence on chlorine and with a continual flow of sanitized water back to the pool, there will be a sanitization level not possible by the periodic addition of chlorine alone. The pool owner, their family members and the pool service firm will be comfortable in knowing that the pool will be in its best operating condition when the service people arrive to do their normal service chores. Simply put, ” We do it better ” (SM)


Will A Time Clock On A Pool Shorten The Life Of The UV Lamp?

  • Some shortening of the lamp life can be expected when the Delta UV unit is turned off and back on frequently. However, a daily ON/OFF cycle will not create a major lamp life issue.


Is There Any Residual Chemical Effect From UV?

  • No, UV light waves are used to kill bacteria and micro-organisms in the pool water and are applied only to the pool water that passes inside the Delta UV system’s wet chamber in visual contact with the UV light wave transmission from the High Output UV lamp. No chemicals are added to the pool by the Delta UV system, and in fact, the pool will become as “chemical free” as possible when the Delta UV is installed.


What Maintenance Is Required On The Delta UV Unit?

  • The only maintenance required for any Delta UV system is an annual UV lamp replacement and cleaning of the quartz tube inside the UV unit. This procedure normally takes only 5-10 minutes and is easily accomplished using only a screwdriver and crescent wrench.


Can The Delta UV Unit Be Mounted Horizontally?

  • With the exception of the EA series, vertical mounting is required to maintain the weatherproof integrity of the electrical enclosure bonnet.


Can The Delta UV Unit Be Installed Below The Pond or Pool Waterline?

  • All Delta UV units can be installed below waterline, however the following should be considered when a below waterline installation is encountered. Except for the EA Series, all Delta UV units have a pressure switch installed that controls the ON/OFF cycle of the UV lamp when the circulation pump stops or starts. If a Delta UV unit is installed, as an example, in a vault below the waterline of the pond or pool, a static head of water pressure may be sufficient to cause the pressure switch to remain closed, which means that the UV lamp will remain lit at all times the UV unit is plugged into its power source. Contact Delta Ultraviolet or your Dealer for a different type of pressure switch (Part # 70-023010) that can be adjusted to allow for this static water pressure in the Delta UV unit’s wet chamber. Installation of this type of pressure switch takes only a few minutes and will restore the desired ability of the bulb to be turned OFF automatically when circulation pumping is interrupted.


Are Delta UV Systems Designed For Salt Water Use?

  • While the sanitizing ability of the system is not affected by salt water, the harsh environment found in salt water pools, ponds and aquariums will eventually affect any metal in the UV system’s wet chamber. The exception to this is the Delta UV Elektra E Series which is suitable for salt water installations due to the wet chamber of the E Series being 100% PVC. Therefore, the E Series non-metallic construction is not affected by harsh salt water environments. It is recommended, however, that the quartz tube inside the UV chamber be cleaned every six months, versus an annual cleaning of the quartz tube in fresh water applications.


Can Multiple Units Be Used Together For Larger Systems?

  • Yes, you can add any number of Delta UV units to a plumbing bypass manifold system to allow for larger outputs and flow rates beyond the capacity of a single Delta UV unit. Delta Ultraviolet also manufactures a large capacity system, the Elektra┬« MAX UV Series, that incorporates factory installed hydraulically balanced piping and multiple tanks contained within a metal enclosure cabinet. The Elektra MAX system features Amalgam lamps, which is the latest technology in high output low pressure UV lamps. Contact Delta UV or your supplier for information on the EM and ELP product line, or to obtain a drawing showing the proper method of plumbing multiple Delta UV units together to accommodate larger flow rate applications.


Must A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Be Used With The Delta UV Unit ?

  • While a GFCI is always recommended, adding a GFCI is not mandatory. A 15 Amp 120V waterproof GFCI can be field installed on the power cord of all Delta UV Systems (Except EA Series) at any time. Or, if you prefer, a GFCI electrical receptacle can be used to power the Delta UV unit, or a GFCI breaker can be installed in the electrical panel circuit that services the Delta UV unit. For 240V systems, the use of a GFCI breaker is the recommended method to use for GFCI protection. For most retrofit installations on pools installed within the past few years, a GFCI will most likely already be present.
    If the field retrofit weatherproof cord connected GFCI is used, it is easily installed on the end of the Delta UV Systems 120V electrical power cord. Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes by following the simple directions supplied. No special tools are required. The cord connected GFCI kit can be ordered directly from Delta Ultraviolet or your Dealer.


What Is The Lead Time For Delta UV Systems To Ship?

  • All models of Delta UV Systems (Except EM Series) are in stock at all times. Single unit shipments are normally shipped within 48 hours from time of ordering. All single unit and parts domestic shipments are made via UPS and the longest transit time to the East Coast is 5-6 days. International DHL shipment transit times vary and will be quoted at the time of the order is received. Wholesale Trade orders will be acknowledged in writing within 24 hours from receipt and the lead time for shipment will be noted on the Order Acknowledgment. Multiple unit shipment times vary depending upon quantity of units ordered. Parts orders are normally shipped within 48 hours.


What Is The Warranty On Delta UV Systems?